Bryan Cranston: 7 Movie And TV Appearances You May Have Forgotten About

Bryan Cranston: 7 Movie And TV Appearances You May Have Forgotten About

Bryan Cranston: 7 Movie And TV Appearances You May Have Forgotten About

Bryan Cranston is currently one of the most well-known and respected actors of the 21st Century, but do you remember these roles?

Bryan Cranston Directed The Death Bus Episode Of “The Office”

Bryan Cranston tells the nearly-tragic story of directing an episode of “The Office,” and shares a sip of his Dos Hombres mezcal with our host. Stick around for another segment with the star of the new film, “Jerry and Marge Go Large,” which premieres this Friday on Paramount+. #Colbert #JerryAndMargeGoLarge #BryanCranston

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YOUR HONOR Official Trailer (HD) Bryan Cranston


The 10-episode legal thriller stars Cranston as Michael Desiato, a respected New Orleans judge whose teenaged son Adam (Hunter Doohan) is involved in a hit-and-run that leads to a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices. Coming to SHOWTIME this Decemeber!

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CAST: Bryan Cranston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Tony Curran, Michael Stuhlbarg

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Bryan Cranston Facts Fans NEVER Knew About..

Bryan Cranston Facts Fans NEVER Knew About..

Welcome back to The Showest, today on this channel we are going to talk about “ Things fans never knew about Bryan Cranston” Born in 1956 to parents Joe and Peggy Cranston (who met in an acting class) and raised in Southern California, Cranston got some early exposure to acting. His father was a part-time actor and director who helmed television commercials and once stuffed Cranston into a full body cast for a nonprofit organization spot. Cranston had a memorable brush with one of the world’s most notorious serial killers when he was just a kid. Cranston once recalled that when he was 10 years old, his mother dropped him and a cousin off at Spahn Ranch, the famous lot where a number of Westerns were shot—and where Charles Manson and his harem had set up shop. Cranston said he was on horseback when he saw Manson, also riding, on the trail.

In 2016, Cranston told Jimmy Fallon a story about how, prior to earning a steady living as an actor, he took to the road with his brother on a motorcycle trip in the 1970s. One of Cranston’s odd jobs was at a restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida. The owner was allegedly difficult to work for, and his employees would sometimes joke about murdering him. Check this video out and stay updated!

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Inside Breaking Bad – Bryan Cranston Answers Fan Questions | Breaking Bad Extras

Breaking Bad Q&A: Bryan Cranston

This talk conatins SPOILERS if you are not caught up with Season 5A.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center recently hosted free screenings of every currently available episode of the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad. Along with these marathon screenings, the Film Society held panels during which the show’s cast chose two favorite episodes, discussed their experience with the show, and answered audience questions.

Here, Bryan Cranston, who plays central character Walter White, speaks with New York Magazine’s Matt Zoller Seitz. Cranston talks Walter’s core, playing a character honestly, and the ease of performing great writing.

00:48 – Bryan greets crowd
01:29 – Moderator asks first question (before Malcolm in the Middle, Cranston was known as Robert DeNiro type) Cranston – as an actor, you want to be able to display all emotions.
04:42 – Moderator mentions Dick Van Dyke’s praise for Bryan Cranston at a TV Critics award event
05:26 – Cranston brings physical comedy to that particular episode of Breaking Bad (fly swatting), and he begins to talk about well-written scripts. “Always follow the well-written word”
07:24 – Moderator: So you’re not one of those actors who are only interested in his/her character? Cranston: “They are fools.” “Everyone loves a good story”
08:11 – Cranston on not reading the scripts ahead; not jumping to know all of Walter’s twists and turns
10:00 – Relationship between Walter and Heisenberg. Who is the puppet and puppet master? Cranston talks about tighty whities in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, the emotional core of Walter, his depression, imploding, the body language of Walter and Heisenberg.
15:30 – Sopranos: “Depression is anger turned inward.” Walter is Willy Loman in many ways. Why was Walter was a teacher? To avoid criticism from friends and colleagues.
18:40 – Was Heisenberg dormant in Walter White the whole time? Every person in this room could become dangerous given the right set of circumstances.
21:32 – Anger management. Walter starts to walk out of the room but then his ego won’t let him let things go. Cranston: “How can this man leave Leaves of Grass on the toilet? Walter became impulsive and is no longer as careful as he used to be, same reason for killing Mike.”
23:40 – Walter’s hair is growing back but he decides to shave his head anyway: significant of Walter liking who he has become.
26:14 – The body language of Walter vs. Heisenberg. “I AM THE DANGER”
29:36 – Is Bryan Cranston able to let go of Walter at the end of shooting day/season? Cranston: it should be difficult. Actors have to pay that price. When you show vulnerability, you are embraced. On Jane’s death, and how it changed from original script.
33:45 – Allowing yourself to show ugliness as an actor; portraying honesty
35:15 – Audience Q &A – On Aaron Paul, teaching younger actors he works with to appreciate the job, have fun, and be grateful
37:17 – Walter loses fear of death and gives him bravery to do things. Example: when Walt defends Jr. in a clothing store. As a man, the need to provide for his family was the # 1 motivating factor to do something risky for the first time in his life.
40:49 – Bryan’s future plans; doing theatre and playing Lyndon B. Johnson
42:36 – Bryan talks about his Breaking Bad tattoo
45:02 – “Do you prefer to be bald or have hair” Bryan doesn’t care what he looks like in real life. He can’t dress himself. Vince Gilligan says Bryan “grew hair faster than any man he ever met in his life.”
47:08 – Bryan on physical releases: screaming in the crawl space or after the explosion at Tuco’s
50:57 – Bryan doesn’t believe in the “tortured artist” approach to work.
52:35 – The funniest moment of the show – when Jesse and Walt are stranded in the desert and Jesse asks Walt to build a robot.

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